How To Automate Or Bring About Sustained Employee Motivation And Training

Published: 12th August 2010
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every small business superintendent and proprietor knows that motivating employees and training them is one of, if not their biggest problem, yet may also be uncommonly lucrative when they get it and start-off solving problems before they occur. Every superintendent and venture owner dreams of the day when employees will modestly take in everything by themselves and have all the jobs done without having to be told how to do it. Well, we all realize that's not going to happen, yet with a truly simple working plan a substantial part of employee training can be automated as the story of Rachelle Leduc has proven.

The genuine headache in employee motivation and training is that even after the first-rate course money can buy, employees tend to slide back and/or lay aside the abilities they learned. Rachelle Leduc was continually confronted about this brain twister. Having trained over 30,000 managers and employees in the retail trade, her managers and store owners would draw this to her attention. This problem most assuredly drove them and her crazy.

She had such awesome results that many of her trainees would make use of what they learned and graduate into top class administrators and many would go on to own their own retail stores. Yet, she still had the flock that at the most wanted to do the basics and not take on responsibility, or only temporarily, do the first-rate handiwork they could. This led her to beg the question How could you repetitively and/or consistently generate employee motivation so they think of the things that are in the greatest interest of the store and the customers? Later it hit her. These people did not fancy a Tony Robbins level motivation; they needed a realistic day by day motivation that they could relate to.

What she did to motivate employees was use the real stories of people she had encountered over 35 years of instruction and wrote them into well-defined one page stories that the average person slogging for retail pay could relate to. In other words, she met them at their level. It appears elementary and maybe even a little silly, yet this is clearly vital considering most administrators forget they had to undertake learning this materiel at some point as well. With these stories, she discussed the clear-cut lessons learned to bolster common sense behaviour. The next intelligent thing she did was she instructed the managers to put the newsletters into each pay check envelope and ask for feedback. A simple post it note on the pay check that's says, please peruse this and give me some feedback, signed the Boss usually works. The feedback is not that important as the teaching is in the literature. It's plainly about getting people into the practice.

The lone de facto complication with her Pay Check Employee Motivation Newsletter is that today's managers and owners think that they need a large pricey high-tech solution to everything. They simply don't get that a logical low tech, low expense solution that gets people to think for themselves is the essential foundation of their business establishment and is what employee training or Team building is all about. Http://

a free copy of her newsletter can be downloaded at the website or you may subscribe for 26 issues for only $89.95 for a complete calendar years subscription. Of course, you can do nothing and give out $10,000's of thousands of dollars and experience all kinds of employee development problems that could have been avoided for less then you spend on coffee. Remember, how you choose to motivate and be motivated, preordains your success as a manager or a business owner.

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